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Groepspraktijk Sorghvliedt
Adriana Anna Kwiatkowska
Leeftijd: 15 tot 23 jaar, 23+
Type zorg: Eerstelijns psychologische zorg (ELP), Gespecialiseerde psychologische zorg (GPZ)
Outreachend aanbod:
Type aanbod: Individueel aanbod, Groepsaanbod
Geestelijke gezondheidscrisis, peri-depressieve toestanden, zelfbeschadiging, ouderlijke burnout, professionele burnout, emotionele problemen bij adolescenten, schoolproblemen bij kinderen.
I am a recognized klinisch orthopedagoog in Belgium, my professional viza number: 371873. In my office I provide psychological support based on the Solution Focused Brief Therapy /Solution Focused Therapy stream. The roots of the therapy go back to Milton Erikson's approach, who used to say that "Patients know the solutions to their problems. They just don't know that they know them." In therapy, the client and therapist work not so much on solving a problem, but on building a solution (solving problems vs creating solutions). TSR therapy is one of the structured therapies. The therapist is the 'expert' on how to conduct the therapeutic process and the client is the 'expert' on their life. A therapy session is therefore a meeting between two 'experts', two partners who share a common goal - building a solution. I work with my clients in English and Polish.